Larsen & Friends
Concert/performance inspired by Karel Teige’s artworks (1900 – 1951)

Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, guitar, electric viola
Marco “il Bue” Schiavo, drums, glokenspiel
Paolo Dellapiana, electronics, accordion
Roberto Maria Clemente, guitar

Baby Dee, harp, piano
David Tibet, vocals
Johann Johannsson, electric organ, piano
John Contreras, cello
Snejanka Mihaylova, lights and performance
issimo, visuals

“My dear friends Fabrizio and Larsen honoured me by asking me to interpret the alphabet for their project ABECEDA in the light of Nezval’s verses for Karel Teige.
Being neither an admirer of dada, surrealism or the avant-garde, I escaped from them all by taking a train from the seaside town of Hastings where I live, to London, after kissing my cats goodbye. I looked at the blurs of sheep, tree, hedge, sea, pond passing me like living clouds. I looked at each letter of the alphabet, and covered Nezval’s text with my hand. I ordered the letter to tell me what it looked like. I disbelieved its answer. Letters always lie. So I peered at the shape of the letter and wrote down my immediate responses. They all make sense to me, but 1,000 people will see 1,000 different faces when they look at the same face. That is calling a vanished face back from behind the hill. “
Love Peace Apocalypse, David Tibet, Hastings 8.IX.1006

Abeceda premiere Torino sept. 2006


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